Affordable Living in Sustainable Cities

The New Urban Agenda Standing Conference 

Achieving the Sustainable Development Goals and the New Urban Agenda




Plenary Five - Main Conference Room 213

  • Greg Budworth, Conference Chair
  • The Hon Angus Taylor, MP.  Assistant Minister for Cities and Digital Infrastructure
Plenary Six - Main Conference Room 213
  • Dr Tim Williams, CEO Committee for Sydney: The three key challenges for future cities.
  • Jude Munro, Chair, Victoria Planning Authority


Workshop Session Three

Strand 6: The New Urban Agenda and the Pacific Region.  Main Conference Room 213

  • Professor Darryn McEvoy, RMIT:  Understanding the Urban Resilience Context in Melanesia
  • Jaime Parsons, Urban Designer Solomon Islands - Urban Waterfronts. Reconnecting Urban with Traditional Culture.
  • Karabaiti Taoaba, Commonwealth Local Government Forum, Pacific Challenges in Implementing the New Urban Agenda.
  • Jago Dodson and Jasmine Ali, RMIT: Implementing the New Urban Agenda and Sustainable Development Goals via Nation States in the Asia-Pacific: The role of National Urban Policy for city-level implementation.

Strand 7: Smart cities and city deals. Meeting Room 214

  • Professor Lee Pugalis, University of Technology  Sydney: Implementing the New Urban Agenda through Territorial Development Contracts and City Deals 
  • Rachel Ollivier, City of Glen Eira: Putting smart cities into practice – what it takes in the real world.

Strand 9: Understanding and measuring change. Meeting Room 216

  • Ben Mason, Arup: Defining Success: what does success look like for a transport network?
  • Dr Rebecca Patrick, Deakin University and Mia Davison DELWP: Localising the Global: Towards holistic indices that promote and measure One Planet living.
  • Rob Turk, Arup:  City Resilience Index Development

Strand 10:  International perspectives.  Room 217

  • Elizabeth Cox, Independent Consultant:  Vendors’ Voice Demanding Equality and Good Governance in Melanesian Markets.
  • Professor Alka Bharat, MANIT, Bhopal: Handling Urban Limits, a concern
  • Dr Bernadette Pinnell, Compass Housing New Zealand
  • Joe Flood, Community Housing Ltd: The New Urban Agenda: Housing Strategy in Myanmar

Plenary Seven - Main Conference Room 213

  • Hon Anthony Albanese,  Shadow Minister for Transport, Infrastructure and Cities


LUNCH & NETWORKING OPPORTUNITIES - Presented by Harris Wheeler Lawyers - Conference Room 213 Foyer


Plenary Eight - Global perspectives - Main Conference Room 213

  • Dr Jane Stanley, President EAROPH Australia: Capacity building for implementation of the NUA: an Asia Pacific Framework.
  • Professor Ralph Horne, RMIT: Ethical Cities: A New Urban Agenda
  • Professor Jason Coburn, Berkeley CA: Prioritising Health Equity in the New Urban Agenda Sponsored Liveability Victoria


Workshop Session Four

Strand 6: Resilience and climate change - Main Conference Room 213

  • Eli Court, ClimateWorks, Australia: Turning high ambition into on-ground impact: A model for implementation of zero carbon building pathways.

  • Dr Christina Ting, Swinburn University:  Newly arrived Chinese migrants and housing consumption in Melbourne: Challenges and opportunities

Strand 7: Smart Cities and urban infrastructure - Meeting Room 214

  • Alice Boyd,  Infrastructure Partnership Australia (IPA):  Infrastructure Underpins a New Urban Agenda

  • Dr Shirin Malek Pour, Monash University:   Preparing for disruptions as a way of implementing the New Urban Agenda

  • John Moore, Forrester Cohen International Group Ltd: The Sydney to Newcastle High Speed Rail Link: A Value Capture Model.

Strand 8: Multi-level governance - Meeting Room 216
  • Dr Iain Butterworth, Victorian Department of Health and Human Services: University-Government Engagement; Bringing the New Urban Agenda to life
  • Giles Thomson and Professor Peter Newman: Curtin University: Emerging Governance Models to advance the New Urban Agenda and sustainable cities in Australia
  • Dr Nick Rose, SUSTAIN and Associate Professor, Adrian Hearn University of Melbourne: Food systems and the role of local government

Strand 9: Integrated planning - Meeting Room 217
  • Dr Penny Burns, Chair, Talking Infrastructure Association Inc and Kerry McGovern, Consultant: Aligning Infrastructure provision with local government and community interests.
  • Brett Walters, City of Port Phillip and Joan Ko, Arup:  Alternative futures for Fishermans Bend: case study on the use of integrated city models
  • Rachel Dapiran, Victoria Planning Authority. Topic TBC

Strand 10:  Social Infrastructure and the future city. Meeting Room 218
  • Lucinda Hartley and Helen Rowe, CoDesign Studio: Shaping Great neighbourhoods: A practical new model for citizen-led urban development
  • Andreana Reale, Urban Seed: “Strength in Diversity”: Democratic Practices for the New Urban Agenda
  • Professor Janette Hartz-Karp,  Curtin University Sustainability Policy Institute: The role of catalytic innovation in governance to revitalise towns and cities


Plenary Nine - Main Conference Room 213

  • Professor Dave Adamson, OBE, Compass Housing and Conference Rapporteur: Towards Implementing the New Urban Agenda.  The key issues and ideas from the conference.
  • Conference Close:  Conference Chair Greg Budworth