Plenary Five - Main Conference Room 213

  • Greg Budworth, Conference Chair
  • The Hon Angus Taylor, MP.  Assistant Minister for Cities and Digital Infrastructure
Plenary Six - Main Conference Room 213
  • Dr Tim Williams, CEO Committee for Sydney: The three key challenges for future cities.
  • Jude Munro, Chair, Victoria Planning Authority


Workshop Session Three

Strand 6: The New Urban Agenda and the Pacific Region.  Main Conference Room 213

  • Professor Darryn McEvoy, RMIT:  Understanding the Urban Resilience Context in Melanesia
  • Jaime Parsons, Urban Designer Solomon Islands - Urban Waterfronts. Reconnecting Urban with Traditional Culture.
  • Karabaiti Taoaba, Commonwealth Local Government Forum, Pacific Challenges in Implementing the New Urban Agenda.
  • Jago Dodson and Jasmine Ali, RMIT: Implementing the New Urban Agenda and Sustainable Development Goals via Nation States in the Asia-Pacific: The role of National Urban Policy for city-level implementation.

Strand 7: Smart cities and city deals. Meeting Room 214

  • Professor Lee Pugalis, University of Technology  Sydney: Implementing the New Urban Agenda through Territorial Development Contracts and City Deals 
  • Rachel Ollivier, City of Glen Eira: Putting smart cities into practice – what it takes in the real world.

Strand 9: Understanding and measuring change. Meeting Room 216

  • Ben Mason, Arup: Defining Success: what does success look like for a transport network?
  • Dr Rebecca Patrick, Deakin University and Mia Davison DELWP: Localising the Global: Towards holistic indices that promote and measure One Planet living.
  • Rob Turk, Arup:  City Resilience Index Development

Strand 10:  International perspectives.  Room 217

  • Elizabeth Cox, Independent Consultant:  Vendors’ Voice Demanding Equality and Good Governance in Melanesian Markets.
  • Professor Alka Bharat, MANIT, Bhopal: Handling Urban Limits, a concern
  • Dr Bernadette Pinnell, Compass Housing New Zealand
  • Joe Flood, Community Housing Ltd: The New Urban Agenda: Housing Strategy in Myanmar

Plenary Seven - Main Conference Room 213

  • Hon Anthony Albanese,  Shadow Minister for Transport, Infrastructure and Cities


LUNCH & NETWORKING OPPORTUNITIES - Presented by Harris Wheeler Lawyers - Conference Room 213 Foyer


Plenary Eight - Global perspectives - Main Conference Room 213

  • Dr Jane Stanley, President EAROPH Australia: Capacity building for implementation of the NUA: an Asia Pacific Framework.
  • Professor Ralph Horne, RMIT: Ethical Cities: A New Urban Agenda
  • Professor Jason Coburn, Berkeley CA: Prioritising Health Equity in the New Urban Agenda Sponsored Liveability Victoria


Workshop Session Four

Strand 6: Resilience and climate change - Main Conference Room 213

  • Eli Court, ClimateWorks, Australia: Turning high ambition into on-ground impact: A model for implementation of zero carbon building pathways.

  • Dr Christina Ting, Swinburn University:  Newly arrived Chinese migrants and housing consumption in Melbourne: Challenges and opportunities

Strand 7: Smart Cities and urban infrastructure - Meeting Room 214

  • Alice Boyd,  Infrastructure Partnership Australia (IPA):  Infrastructure Underpins a New Urban Agenda

  • Dr Shirin Malek Pour, Monash University:   Preparing for disruptions as a way of implementing the New Urban Agenda

  • John Moore, Forrester Cohen International Group Ltd: The Sydney to Newcastle High Speed Rail Link: A Value Capture Model.

Strand 8: Multi-level governance - Meeting Room 216
  • Dr Iain Butterworth, Victorian Department of Health and Human Services: University-Government Engagement; Bringing the New Urban Agenda to life
  • Giles Thomson and Professor Peter Newman: Curtin University: Emerging Governance Models to advance the New Urban Agenda and sustainable cities in Australia
  • Dr Nick Rose, SUSTAIN and Associate Professor, Adrian Hearn University of Melbourne: Food systems and the role of local government

Strand 9: Integrated planning - Meeting Room 217
  • Dr Penny Burns, Chair, Talking Infrastructure Association Inc and Kerry McGovern, Consultant: Aligning Infrastructure provision with local government and community interests.
  • Brett Walters, City of Port Phillip and Joan Ko, Arup:  Alternative futures for Fishermans Bend: case study on the use of integrated city models
  • Rachel Dapiran, Victoria Planning Authority. Topic TBC

Strand 10:  Social Infrastructure and the future city. Meeting Room 218
  • Lucinda Hartley and Helen Rowe, CoDesign Studio: Shaping Great neighbourhoods: A practical new model for citizen-led urban development
  • Andreana Reale, Urban Seed: “Strength in Diversity”: Democratic Practices for the New Urban Agenda
  • Professor Janette Hartz-Karp,  Curtin University Sustainability Policy Institute: The role of catalytic innovation in governance to revitalise towns and cities


Plenary Nine - Main Conference Room 213

  • Professor Dave Adamson, OBE, Compass Housing and Conference Rapporteur: Towards Implementing the New Urban Agenda.  The key issues and ideas from the conference.
  • Conference Close:  Conference Chair Greg Budworth




Plenary One: Main Conference Room -  Room 213
  • Conference Chair, Mr Greg Budworth, Co-Chair, UN General Assembly of Partners Civil Society Organisations, Partner Constituent Group.
  • Welcome To Country: Arweet Carolyn Briggs, Founder and Chair of Boon Wurrung Foundation
  • Welcome to Melbourne:  The Hon Richard Wynne, MP.  VIC Minister for Planning
  • Keynote Speaker: Dr Joan Clos, Under-Secretary General and Executive Director, United Nations Habitat


Workshop Session One
Strand 1: Housing for all  - Room 214
  • Dr Tom Alves, University of Melbourne: Aligning process and policy for sustainable and affordable housing provision
  • Hong Young Tsao, Launch Housing A Roadmap for Affordable Housing-working together for housing solutions
  • Professor Gavin Wood, RMIT: Housing and Labour Markets: Homelessness entry and exit

Strand 2: Reports from youth and homelessness pre-conference Events: Meeting  - Room 218
  • Nia Lewis, University of South Australia: Report and presentation from the Youth Workshop
  • Ian Gough, Council to Homeless Persons, Report and presentation from the Homelessness Workshop.

Strand 3: Liveability in urban environments - Meeting Room 216

  • Rhys Anderson, Arup Melbourne: Water is life - water’s contribution to liveability

  • Abby Farmer, DELWP: Building Resilience, Liveability and Integrated Water Management in Victoria.

  • Professor Rob Skinner and Lara Werbeloff, Monash Sustainable Development Institute, Monash University:  Creating Sustainable And Resilient Cities Through Interdisciplinary And Impact-Oriented Research.

Strand 4: Local economic development -  Meeting Room 217
  • Professor Dave Adamson OBE, Compass Housing:  The Deep Place Approach to Economic Renewal and Environmental Sustainability
  • Dr David Week,  University of Melbourne: No New Urban Agenda without a New Rural Agenda
  • Bronwyn Coate and Ian McShane, RMIT:  Opportunities to Explore Culture-led Development in Cities: The UNESCO Creative Cities Network (UCCN) and the Development of a Policy Assessment Framework

Open Space Session One: Main Conference Room 213

  • Convened by Dr Jane Stanley, President Earoph, Australia


Plenary Two:  Panel and discussion Housing Futures:  Social and affordable housing reform - Main Conference Room 213

  • Jill Mills, Director Housing Policy,Department of Social Services, Australian Government
  • Michael Lennon,  Chair Community Housing Industry Association


Plenary Three:  Panel Discussion: The role of the private sector in implementing the New Urban Agenda - Main Conference Room 213
  • Professor Michael Nolan, Chair UN Global Compact – Cities Programme
  • Matthew Kronborg, National Executive Director, United Nations Association Australia (UNAA)
  • Justin Madden, Arup, Melbourne
  • Antony Sprigg, CEO, Infrastructure Sustainability Council of Australia (ISCA)


Workshop Session Two
Strand 1: Housing for all (2) -  Main Conference Room 213

  • Amy Brown, PwC,  Leveraging partnerships – why and how Government should actively build the CHP sector
  • Mike Collins, Moreland City Council, The need for local action on housing- perspectives from a Melbourne council.
  • Shai Diner, RMIT University: Sustainable forms of housing for formerly homeless persons.

Strand 2: Equalities - Meeting Room 214

  • Erika Martino, Australian Catholic University: Affordable housing for family violence survivors.
  • Professor Kerry Arabena, University of Melbourne. Achieving health equity through household led initiatives. 
  • Stephen Corbett, University of Sydney: Housing for Health Program for aboriginal families.

Strand 3: Liveability in urban environments -  Meeting Room 216

  • Mia Davison, Rebecca Collins and James Mant, DELWP: Using Plan Melbourne to implement the Sustainable Development Goals and the New Urban Agenda.
  • Maree Grenfell and Alison Whitten , Resilient Melbourne: Topic TBC
  • Alison Holloway, SGS: Localising global Goals in Australia’s Global City

Strand 5: National and international case studies Meeting Room 217

  • Kirsten McDonald, Arup: The Child Centred Urban Resilience Framework
  • Simon Micmacher, DELWP and Dr Stephen Glackin, Swinburne University.  Reviving the democracity: Community engagement in land use and housing planning
  • Mayor Kim Le Cerf  and Joanna Cuscaden City of Darebin: Creating a vibrant and sustainable mixed-use community for the Northland Urban Renewal Precinct

Open Space Session Two - Room 218

  • Convened by Dr Jane Stanley, President Earoph, Australia.


Plenary Four - Main Conference Room 213

  • Professor John Thwaites, Monash Sustainable Development Institute and Chair of ClimateWorks Australia: The New Urban Agenda, Sustainable Development Goals and the future of cities. ​

RECEPTION AND NETWORKING EVENT Conference Room 213 Foyer Presented by Victorian Planning Authority


CONFERENCE DINNER - Room 218 Presented by Compass Housing

Conference speaker: Caterina Sullivan, CEO, Global Goals Australia

Please note that the schedule will be updated with the confirmed speaker allocations in the weeks prior to the conference.

Check back here regularly for updates.

thursday 4 May  |  day one - A CITY FOR ALL

Conference schedule


Wednesday 3 May

Working with partners in Melbourne we are identifying a program of site visits that reflect the ambitions of the New Urban Agenda and demonstrate practical approaches to achieving the Sustainable Development Goals.