Affordable Living in Sustainable Cities

The New Urban Agenda Standing Conference 

Achieving the Sustainable Development Goals and the New Urban Agenda

Your role

One of the key objectives of the conference is to produce a ‘roadmap’ to the implementation of the New Urban Agenda.  A rapporteur will be present in all workshop sessions to record the key issues identified and to report back to the overall conference rapporteur who in turn will be responsible for reporting to conference (final plenary) and for producing a conference report.

Each workshop will be asked to:

  • identify key barriers to implementation of the NUA in relation to the subject material of the workshop.
  • identify up to three early implementation strategies, approaches or problem solutions.


Abstract Submissions

Congress organisers will shortly announce the process for submitting abstracts.  We welcome congress contributions from businesses, academics, not-for-profits, government and local government departments.

Register your interest to contribute to the congress, email

In general, each workshop has two or three presentations and the workshop duration is one and a half hours.  We would suggest that each presentation takes a maximum of 20 minutes to allow for 30 minutes of collective discussion.

Alternatively, if presenters in any session wish to coordinate a different structure, please feel free to do so. However, please consider the desired workshop outputs below to maintain the objective of each workshop contributing to a conference report.

If you have a presentation that you would like to be made available to the public post-event,  please ensure that it is in PowerPoint or pdf format and that it has a maximum file size of 10mb.

Workshop outputs


Speakers are asked to make their content relevant to the New Urban Agenda.  Guidance for specific professional groups on the relevance of the NUA is available HERE

Workshop Format

In agreeing to participate we would like to assume that you are happy:

  • to act as a rapporteur if required.
  • to share your email address with all conference delegates.
  • to be connected to other presenters in your workshop session.

If you are unable to meet any of these expectations, please contact Professor Dave Adamson