Achievement of the NUA will be dependent on a ‘whole nation’ approach if the key objectives of ‘cities for all’ and ‘no-one left behind’ are to be realised.

The Standing Conference partners are a range of organisations from government, academia, the private sector, community and civil society organisations collaborated to organise the Melbourne event.

This group has consolidated with some additional organisations to establish a collaboration to maintain the Standing Conference.

This group now constitutes a New Urban Agenda Implementation Council for Australasia and the Asia Pacific Region.

about The PARTNERS

The New Urban Agenda Standing Conference brings together a range of partners to promote the implementation of the New Urban Agenda in Australasia and the Asia Pacific Region.

The Standing Conference has arisen from a conference event held in May 2017 in Melbourne, Implementing the New Urban Agenda Making Cities and Urban Settlements Inclusive Safe Resilient and Sustainable.

The purpose of a standing conference is to make the partnerships and connections made at an initial event more permanent and resilient.  The New Urban Agenda Standing Conference will seek to:

  • Maintain the momentum of the original Melbourne event
  • Maintain the partnerships and connections formed at that event
  • Promote New Urban Agenda implementation at federal, state and local government levels
  • Promote multi-disciplinary and cross-professional alliances to solve issues arising in rapid urbanisation
  • To establish a New Urban Agenda Network that will organise events, share information and develop practice-based solutions
  • To convene the second Implementing the New Urban Agenda Conference in 2018.


The New Urban Agenda Standing Conference 

Affordable Living in Sustainable Cities


Achieving the Sustainable Development Goals and the New Urban Agenda